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5 Kumpulan Makalah Hukum: Politik Hukum, Peradilan Pidana, Peradilan Agraria, Pendidikan Hukum Dan Pembangunan Hukum Indonesia

1.Dilema Perusahaan Publik Dual/Global Listing (Pelajaran Dari Kasus Pt Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk). Download
Abstract. For companies who conduct public bidding Indonesia in Indonesia and abroad (dual / global offering) there are different rules and regulations that must be met in order to prepare and submit periodic reports and incidental reports. Among the rules and regulations is likely there are differences that lead to conflict / conflict that brings dilemma for companies such as those dealing with dilemmas konsent and reinsurance companies will continue to be experienced by a dual public / global listings. The tendency is any auditor or auditors who conduct reinsurance subsidiary will result in its audit by the auditor-refer the parent company, will ask that given the opportunity to review the financial statements and auditor's parent company to the auditor requests the payment of honoraria that the number is not small . It is certainly a burden the company and it is feared the cost of these reviews will be greater than the costs imposed audit the parent company auditors

2. Politik Hukum UU Bidang Ekonomi Di Indonesia. Download

3. Telaah Konsep Hak Asasi Manusia Dalam Kaitannya Dengan Sistem Peradilan Pidana. Download

4. Peradilan Agraria (Solusi Alternatif Penuntasan Sengketa Agraria). Download

5. Globalisasi Hukum Dan Kemajuan Teknologi: Implikasinya Bagi Pendidikan Hukum Dan Pembangunan Hukum Indonesia. Download

Abstract. Economic globalization is a new manifestation of the development of capitalism as an international economic system. Management spread across multiple continents, the assignment of employees no longer tied to language, national origin or citizenship of the various legal systems and traditions. Therefore, economic globalization must be followed by the globalization of law is followed by the globalization of legal practice, where, among others, the legal consultant of a country from one legal system can work in other countries that have different legal systems. Expansion of the teaching of public and private international law and comparative law studies to be important. Faculty of law is not expected to teach foreign law, but it can develop a curriculum that will help students gain an understanding of the history and development of other legal cultures. Increased use of technology also determines the distribution of educational attainment of effective laws. Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), internet and CD-Room is unavoidable if you want to eliminate the difference in the quality of legal education in various universities.